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Looking for a new dentist?

First Visit
The Apex Dental Studio experience is all about comfort and relaxation while you are in the dental chair. From your very first visit we aim to show you what sets our practice above the rest. As a new patient, you will have the chance to see all the amenities and comforts that we have to offer, as well as meet our team of exceptional dental professionals.
We can schedule a first visit for the entire family for all family members to see how uniquely Apex Dental Studio approaches family dental care. Not only will our team ensure that you have a great first visit, we will set the bar for what you will come to experience excellence. We believe developing relationships with our patients is just as important as taking care of their comprehensive healthcare needs.


During Your Appointment
A first appointment with Apex Dental Studio is a pleasant, relaxing experience. Your clinician will carry out a full assessment of your oral health and it’s impact on your overall general health. This will include oral cancer screening, low dose digital x-rays, gum health measurements, and intraoral pictures to help determine the type of treatments that you may need. Throughout the appointment, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and be able to actually see problems in your mouth that be unbeknownst to you.


By the end of your first visit, you will leave our office with all the information you need to start the journey towards excellent oral health. Once the evaluation is completed we will discuss various treatment options and come up with a treatment schedule that is best for you. Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment.

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